Automatic Sliding Door Systems

1- Processor; 16-bit microprocessor operates to prevent all expected and unexpected scenarios and provide perfect door motion. Opening, closing, breaking distances adjustment according to location and needs.
2- Infrared surveillance; Through the photocell control the closing of the door is blocked, if an object is detected.
3- Radar; Advanced motion detector can be set outside the door, its sensitive area is constituted to detect the passing objects for the door opening to be provided.
4- Chassis; Supported with special alloyed aluminum, door rail carrier system is designed to be able to provide uninterrupted service for many years even in difficult conditions.
5- Hanger Roller; 4 dual wheels and bearings in total, consisting of suspended pulleys; quiet, safe and produced with special materials to give a long lasting service.
6- Remote control system; Designed with 4 different working modes, one of which can be selected. According to the requirements of door functioning or environment the program can be different.
7- Motor; According to the ambient conditions and the weight of the door wing, 55 and 100 watts stepper brushless motor can be provided. Door works without compromising reflex.
8- Toothed Belt; High-quality toothed belt has been tested in aggravated laboratory conditions and will give many years continuous quality service.

1-Bearer Profile 2-Brushles Step Motor 3-Processor&Power Unit 4-Control panel 5-Stretcher pulley 6-Toothedbelt 7-Bearer pulley